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June 13, 2008

A Whale Of A Party

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 hey  its me! secondwatch! the water party is awesome! my favorite rooom is the iceberg becuz of the whale! the sea shell necklace is in the beach.

the yellow inflatable duck is at the cove.


The ice cream apron is in the plaza. mmm strawberry!


Notice the hose on the bottom right of the screen? Try clicking and dragging it. You can spray people!


There is a new play The Penguins who time forgot! you

can purchase a volcanoe background.


June 12, 2008

Secondwatch’s back!+new newspaper!

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Secondwatch is back everyone and he’s better than ever. he now even has his own icon . we now have a new member of the secondwatch crew. his name is yaya. his site is here are last week’s clothing catalog secrets. they are from yaya’s site.

Click on the Flower Sandal for the Red Viking Helmet

Open and Close the Red Viking Helmet four times for the Blue Viking Helm

Click on the gadget the on the Diver’s Suit for the Diver’s Helmet

Click on the Queen’s Crown for the Crystal Staff

Click the pocket on the Overalls for the Cheesy Necktie

Click the Knight’s belt buckle for the Woodsman’s Hat

Also there are new backrounds.

Also the icecream pin is in the forest.

here is the calender for the month of june in cp. THE water party is tommorrow i cant wait. also we have a prehistoric play tommorow. 

Newspaper Updated
In the newspaper there is a lot of secret agent stuff!

There is a secret message in the newspaper. Click on any of the 2 words; ’secret’ or ’secrets’ on Page A4 and A5 for a secret message.

Below are the coded and decoded messages. I used the Secret Agent code to translate them. Click to enlarge.

The newspaper mentions a picture of penguin mail. it will come out at the end of the month.


May 31, 2008


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This site is a memorial for Secondwatch. We will always remember him as the coolest penguin ever.


Nice Travels Secondwatch


one of Secondwatch’s Last Posts Ever!

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Secondwatch on the Beacon at the Medieval Partyhey it ‘s secondwatch! this is my last post ever! i am quitting cp forever.  yesterday the cpip reward came out its a red helmet.  the book room writing contest 08 book is now in the book room.

Secondwatch banned again for the eighth time

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since i am quitting i want to ban secondwatch forever. today i got banned for the eighth time and istill has not got banned.


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Hello penguins! I have an announcement…………….you may wonder why secondwatch hasn’t been posting for a while……………..well he is quiting club penguin!!! I am not going to take care of the blog though. So this blog will be a memorial. We will be having a party for him and at the end of it he will band secondwatch forever! We will post a few days before it…………we will plan when it is.


May 26, 2008

2 Extreme 2 handle

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He is 2 extreme 2 handle

May 25, 2008

Cp game secrets

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 Hey  it is me! secondwatch the coolest penguin ever! Here are secrets to CP games. The ice fishing and astro barrier secrets are from 

Astro Barrier Secret

  1. First click start on Astro Barrier and then press 3 to go straight to level 30 
  2. Then Beat level 30
  3. Then to enter expert levels in Astro Barrier, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears (It will appear to the left of the orange box. When it appears shoot the site shooter, that will shoot it. Side Shooter looks like a gun with a minis sign in it).

Ice Fishing

  • To catch grey fish in Ice Fishing, buy the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod in the sports Catalog (Sports Shop)
  • To catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing, use a yellow fish as bait!

Pizzatron 3000

Click on the red lever that is on the bottom right of the screen to make candy pizzas and to make more money.

Catching Waves

Buy a Silver Surf board, or a flame board, or a daisy board and get more coins in Catchin’ Waves.

“In Catchin’ Waves do a flip, land, and hold down the mouse button to surf on top of the wave”. You get about 5000 points for that.

The secret on how to get 5000 points in Catchin’ Waves is from Tips and Secrets from Issue #136 of The Club Penguin TImes.

Hydro Hopper

Buy a wake borad and use it in Hydro Hopper to get more points.

Thin Ice

This guide is from

Puzzle 1Puzzle 2Puzzle 3Puzzle 4Puzzle 5Puzzle 6Puzzle 7Puzzle 8Puzzle 9Puzzle 10Puzzle 11Puzzle 12Puzzle 13Puzzle 14Puzzle 15Puzzle 16Puzzle 17Puzzle 18Puzzle 19


May 24, 2008

Igloo and puffle furniture catalog secrets and igloo catalog secrets

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Igloo Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Ficus Plant for the Palm Tree

Click on the Large House Plant for the Coffee House Tree

Click on the Vase for the Plush Gray Chair

Click on the hole in the Pink Plastic Castle for the Inflatable Dragon

Click on the sink part of the Kitchen Sink for the Cake

Pet Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Brown dot next to the Green House on Page 4 for the Grey House.

Click on the pic of the igloo catalog on the left to see an animation of the igloo catalog with it’s secrets.

Medieval Party Continues…

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hey it’s me! secondwatch i rock. the pin came out today it is an anvil. it is in the boiler room. put your arrow the anvil making machince thing. the only new thing in the pet furniture is a fish pond. the furniture catalog is so cool. my favorite thing in it is the chess pieces. a new igloo came out today is the pink ice palace. the wizard hat is in the light house.



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