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Commonly Asked Questions for Inexperienced penguins

Commonly Asked Questions for Inexperienced penguins part 1


HEY IT’S ME !  secondwatch the coolest penguin ever!

Want to make more coins in the pizza game?

Here’s how to make a dessert pizza. Go to the pizzatron 3000 game and the bottom lever is what you must click on.




Commonly Asked Questions for Inexperienced penguins part 2

atch the coolest penguin out in Club Penguin. Today I would like to discuss secret places. IF YOU’VE NEVER been tO THE HQ you are probably not a secret agent. To become a secret agent you must be 30 days old. When you are click on the golden badge with the “m” on it. It is on the right of your screen. Then you must take a quiz so you can become one. If you pass you will get a spy phone, and you  can now go to the Hq.

At the hq you can play missions by clicking on the top secret file.  In the file there are missions you can play. if you beat them you will be rewarded. Also in the HQ there is the F.I.S.H.

F.I.S.H. stands for Factual Informative Spy Handbook. inside the  F.I.S.H. it talks your duty as a secret agent, reasons to report a penguin, why aren’t secret agents a secret,our identity,losing agent status,club penguin secrets, secret dances, and more. inside the F.I.S.H.  there is stuff you can buy. here are the pages in the F.I.S.H.

 The coolest penguin ever.


Commonly Asked Questions for In experienced penguins part 3

Hey it’s me secondwatch! im here to talk about famous penguins today!

Who is Aunt Arctic?


Aunt Arctic is editor of The Club Penguin Times! She started writing for The Club Penguin Times in May, 2006 . She has her own Ask Aunt Arctic column. Each week penguins submit questions for her to answer.  She only selects two questions to answer. Aunt Arctic even stars in the first mission. in this mission you have to find her missing puffles.

 Who is Gary the Gadget Guy?

Gary the gadget guy (G) builds all the gadgets in club penguin. He stars in all the missions. Gary works alone, and he does not like to socialize with other penguins. He built the clock tower at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, jet packs in Jet Pack Adventure, the AC 3000 cooling system, and so much more.

Who is Rockhopper?

Rockhopper sails the seven seas in his ship the Migrator! once his shi the migrator broke, and penguins helped fix it.He has only one puffle. It is a red puffle named Yarr. You can find his ship in the beach when he is in Cub Penguin. Only some lucky penguins have met Rochopper. I am one of those people. He used to give out eye patches to the people who met him, but now he gives out backgrounds that are signed by him. You can read about Rockhopper in his journal you can find it on his ship, and in the book room. Happy Rockhopper hunting!



Commonly Asked Questions for In experienced penguins part 4

hey it is me! secondwatch the coolest penguin in club penguin! today we will discuss beta testers. I AM sure you all have seen the penguins with the purple and yellow party hats. they are beta testers.

I met a Beta Tester on Club Penguin ...

What are beta  testers ?

A beta tester is a penguin who tested Club Penguin before it was released. Unfortunately, it is not early 2005 anymore and you cannot become one.  a beta tester’s job was to find bugs in club penguin and to report them.

who was club penguin orginally owned by?

club penguin was orginally owned by rocket snail. rsnail stands for rocket snail.

 he made penguin chat. like club penguin it is a chat room kind of game. there are 6 characters you can be the one with the guitar, the Jamaican one,the one with the purple shades and the fro, the one with a lot of chains arounnd his neck, the one who pierced his beak , and has a mohawk, and last but not least the skater one. there are only 3 rooms you can chat in the snow room , north pole,  and the crash site. you can also go on football club penguin chat. first you type in a name. then  you choose an  uniform,and your number. after that log in, and have fun playing soccer,and chating with other penguins. here is the link to penguin chat, and football club penguin chat.:

have fun


Commonly Asked Questions for Inexperienced penguins part 5

hey it is me secondwatch! the coolest penguin ever! Today i will discuss an interesting topic puffles.

What are puffles?

Puffles are cute fluffy fur balls that are pets in CP. They like to eat Puffles O’s, O’ berries, gum, and cookies, and to drink water. You can also take puffles for walks, give them baths, play with them, and give them rest.  Puffles come in so many colors. They come in red, yellow, blue, purple, green, black, and pink. Non members can only buy blue and red puffles. Each of them has their personality, favorite toys, and special things about them!  You can purchase puffles and furniture for your puffle in the puffle shop.  Puffles were first seen in the Snow Forts, Night Club, and Hockey Rink.  Then on November 20 2005  the CP team caught one. and it was blue.A game was made to help catch the puffles. it was called puffleround up and it was in the snow forts. today it is in the puffle shop. they were first put up for adoption in March 2006. Red puffles were not the first puffles in CP.  RH brought red puffles from RH island for a Christmas present in Dec. 2006.




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