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Club Penguin Swfs


these are Club Penguin Swfs!

How to Play:
How to Edit your Igloo:

Club Penguin Music.

new.gifAqua Grabber
Coffee Shop

Dance Mix
Night Club
Boiler Room/Dance Lounge
Agent HQ
Pizza Parlor
Alien Stage Play
The 12th Fish Stage Play
Superhero Stage Play
Mascot Stage Play
Ballistic Biscuit/Hydro Hopper
Bean Counters
Puffle Roundup
Ice Fishing
Cart Surfer
Pizzatron 3000
Jet pack Adventure
Thin Ice
Catching Waves
Jingle Bells
April Fools Party
Summer Party
Halloween Party (06′ and 07′)
Winter Fiesta 2007
Fiesta of Snow
St. Patrick’s Day Party
Folk Guitar
Driving Guitar
Pirate Party/Ocean Voyage
Cool Surf
Summer Party

Summer Party 2
Water Party
Water Party 2
Camp Party
Camp Party 2
Fall Fair
Fall Fair Games
Halloween Party 1
Halloween Party 2
Western Party
Christmas Party 1
Christmas Calm
Christmas Party 2
Winter Fiesta 2008
Christmas Jam
Beach Mix
Hard Rock

Club Penguin Rooms.

Mine Shack
Ice Berg
Boiler Room
Agent HQ
Lighthouse Beacon

Snow Forts

Ice Rink
Ice Rink with Scoreboards
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Gift Shop
Sports Shop (Right click and press forward)
Ski Village
Ski Lodge
Ski Attic
Pizza Parlor
Coffee Shop
Book Room
Night Club
Dance Lounge

Club Penguin Backgrounds.



Clothing Catalog
Wig Catalog
Furniture Catalog
Igloo Catalog
Puffle Catalog
Puffle Furniture
The F.I.S.H
Postcard Catalog
Costume Catalog
Pirate Catalog(Rockhopper must be here)

Club Penguin Games.

Find Four:
Grab & Spin:
Memory Card Game:
Ring the Bell:
new.gifAqua Grabber:

swfs from wweadam at: .


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