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April 18, 2008

commonly asked questions for inexperienced penguins part4-Beta Testers

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hey it is me! secondwatch the coolest penguin in club penguin! today we will discuss beta testers. I AM sure you all have seen the penguins with the purple and yellow party hats. they are beta testers.

I met a Beta Tester on Club Penguin ...

What are beta  testers ?

A beta tester is a penguin who tested Club Penguin before it was released. Unfortunately, it is not early 2005 anymore and you cannot become one.  a beta tester’s job was to find bugs in club penguin and to report them.

who was club penguin orginally owned by?

club penguin was orginally owned by rocket snail. rsnail stands for rocket snail.

 he made penguin chat. like club penguin it is a chat room kind of game. there are 6 characters you can be the one with the guitar, the Jamaican one,the one with the purple shades and the fro, the one with a lot of chains arounnd his neck, the one who pierced his beak , and has a mohawk, and last but not least the skater one. there are only 3 rooms you can chat in the snow room , north pole,  and the crash site. you can also go on football club penguin chat. first you type in a name. then  you choose an  uniform,and your number. after that log in, and have fun playing soccer,and chating with other penguins. here is the link to penguin chat, and football club penguin chat.:

have fun



April 5, 2008

Ninjas by Aaron 565

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What is a ninja?   


    A ninja is a legendery job from Penguin Chat 3.It is also higher ranked than a secret agent.Some people today claim that they are ninjas.But they say that they can not show anybody because they can not betray their clan.(Ninjas grouped as clans,kind a like teams on a snowball fight exept every clan is on one team.It is kinda like the police,every body is one  mini team in one big team)People also say that only moderators are ninjas.Also there was a ninja hideout like the secret agents HQ.There was also a rumor that if you went to the dojo and and stood still for 30 min.  You would become a ninja.It is unkwon if it is true .But the real way to become a ninja on penguin chat 3 was to click the “n” in penguin.When you were a ninja you could turn invisible(when you dance) and walk on walls.


Proof Of The Ninja!


 Here is some proof that the ninjas are real:


1.When you go on, and press the “N” in “Night Club”    then the penguin there will turn into a Ninja.

2.During a test of Club Penguin, Billybob said that there will be Ninjas in Club Penguin.(there hasent been yet)

3.In the “What Is New” section of ClubPenguin .com,they refer the dojo as the “Japanese Room”.(which relates to ninjas)

4.When “Jet Pack Adventure” was launched,it showed a picture of Billybob in black.The black was darker than usual.

5.In CP Trainer(a hacking program) you can hack being a ninja. CP Trainer’s clothing hack uses the exact list of clothes that is recorded at the club penguin headquarters.That means that the Ninja Outfit is real and that ninjas exist.

6.People have seen ninja shadows in the one in the picture at the ski lodge.


Here are some pics:


         Ninja Shadow

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